Name: Aaron Downing   
Hometown: Fort Walton Beach, FL but currently in
Mooresville, NC
Class: IMCA Modified     
Car#: 3D
BirthDate: Oct. 20 1984
Occupation: Student/ Package loader for Fedex
Chassis: GRT
Sponsors: GRT Racecars, Danco Transmissions, Family
Chiropractic, Kings Hwy. Towing
Years in Racing: this is my 5th season
Regular Tracks: Blackman Motor speedway in Baker,Fl,
East Lincoln Motor Speedway in Stanley, NC, The Dirt
Track at Lowes in Concord, NC
Favorite Track: Blackman Motor speedway
Favorite Event: Panhandle Nationals and Winter
Nationals at Southern Raceway in Milton, FL
Accomplishments to Date: track rookie of the year in
2001. many top 10's and one B-main win
Crew: Kristina, Josh, Mike, Traci, Frank, Travis, and Justin
Special Thanks to: Mike and Traci for letting me help
out on there team. and My parents for letting me race
How did you get involved in Racing: been raised around it
Hobbies or other interests: Hockey, cooking, tv
Most memorable moment in racing: my first top 5 in an
A-main finished 3rd and I had not been in the car in 3
months also