Name: Allan W. Bjorgo  
Hometown: Crookston, MN
Class:Southern Sportmod 
Car#: 04
BirthDate: 2/10/69
Occupation:Pharmaceutical Territory Sales Manager
Spouse: Lyn
Children: Lauren, Kate
Chassis: Raider Chassis
Sponsors: Daves Need 4 Speed, Premier Health Clinic
Years in Racing: cars-1
Regular Tracks: Lubbock Motor Speedway, Tech Motor
Favorite Track: Lubbock Motor Speedway
Favorite Event: Ice Breaker (Abilene)
Accomplishments to Date: Beating Chad Wilson in a race
Crew: Lauren- any one that is around
Special Thanks to: Scotty, Kody and my wife
How did you get involved in Racing: By Mistake 
Hobbies or other interests: 
Most memorable moment in racing: Finishing 3rd in
points in my first year.