Name: Allen Williams
Hometown: Hutto, Texas
Class: Modified
Car#: 07a
BirthDate: 05/07/1950
Occupation: Work at Browning Auto Parts in Austin,Tx.
Children: Donnie and Teri Both married and gone 
Chassis: Kosiski
Sponsors: Bates Backhoe, Browning Auto Parts, Superior race fuels, Sideways Graphics, ABC Salvage and most importantly my family couldn't do it with out them.
Years in Racing: 5 years dirt bikes 28 years cars
Regular Tracks: wherever I feel like
Favorite Track: I like so many different places for different reasons it is hard to say I guess wherever I am at.
Favorite Event: Southern challenge
Accomplishments to Date: Made it this far
Crew: who ever shows up
Special Thanks to: My wife and family
How did you get involved in Racing: Grew up in Stuart, VA. Home of the Wood Bro's always wanted to after that.
Hobbies or other interests: can't mention them
Most memorable moment in racing: Again to many to mention both good and bad. I think the best moments are when you go somewhere new and make new friends and have a good time no matter how the racing goes.