Name: Andy Miller
Hometown: Carson, IA
Class: IMCA Stock Car
Car#: 90
BirthDate: 4/22/86
Occupation: Ford ASSET Student
Spouse: none
Children: none
Chassis: 2005 Thunder Chassis 1986 Lincoln Mark VII
Sponsors: Insul 8, The Finish Line Car Wash, The Permanent Solution, 
Steve Hart 
Painting, Kearney Signs, Carson Body Shop, Brumely Supplies, Frenchie's 
Repair, Thunder Chassis, JD Wyman Motorsports. 
Years in Racing:
Regular Tracks: Shelby County Speedway, I-80 Speedway
Favorite Track: Shelby County Speedway
Favorite Event: Tiny Lund Memorial Race
Accomplishments to Date: Go-Karts:
1997 - 5th place at Bobcat Speedway Junior 1 Points.
1998 - 4th place at Bobcat Speedway Junior 1 Points.
1999 - 2nd place at Bobcat Speedway Junior 2 Points. 
2000 - Bobcat Speedway Junior 2 Champion.
2001 - 4th place in the Southwest Iowa Kart Dirt Series Junior 2 
Points, 3rd 
place in Botna Valley Speedway Junior 2 Points.
Numerous Feature wins over my Go-Karting career.
Pro Am:
2002 - 7th place in Pro Am points, Rookie of the Year Runner-up at 
Shelby County 
2003 - 1 Pro Am Feature win, 12th place in Points at Shelby County 
2004 - Raced only three times, nothing too spectacular.
Crew: Eric Miller, Dan Goos, Loren Cole, Jeep Miller, Randy Miller, Jim 
& Monica 
Eckert, Josh & Roy Guyer.
Special Thanks to: Special thanks to Gary & Shirley Annan and my 
How did you get involved in Racing: My dad
Hobbies or other interests: Is there any other.
Most memorable moment in racing: My first win in racing big cars.