Name: Austin Junod

Hometown: Plainview Tx

Class: Limited Modified

Car#: 44

BirthDate: 6/9/84

Occupation: Cingular Wireless Sales Rep.

Spouse: None

Children: None that I know of...

Chassis: YCW

Sponsors: Graphc Zone(Plainview), Tucky's Auto Parts(Plainview), Stovall Radiator(Plainview), Texas Frame & Body(Plainview), Burgess Auto Salvage(Lubbock), Mark Herring Racing Engines(Plainview)

Years in Racing: 3

Regular Tracks: Lubbock Motor Speedway.

Favorite Track: LMS

Favorite Event: None

Accomplishments to Date: 2003 Rookie of the Yr (limited modified) 10th in points, 2004 Limited Modified 4th in points.

Crew: Andy Junod, Austin Junod

Special Thanks to: My Dad and Mother

How did you get involved in Racing: My father raced in Amarillo for 13 yrs so...Kinda born into it.

Hobbies or other interests: Racing, Water Skiing, Golf

Most memorable moment in racing: 2003, I got into a big wreck and a car landed on top of mine!