Name:  Billy Burt aka ur_worst_nightmare
Hometown:  Carrollton
Class:  Limited mod
Car#:  72
BirthDate:  12/19/59
Occupation:  gas and electric contractor
Spouse:  hell no
Children:  B J ,Tina, Micheal , Keri, Lara
Chassis: btich chassis  
Sponsors: Interstate delivery, Ray Brown, Circle C Racing and my hip pocket  
Years in Racing:  I lost count
Regular Tracks: Grand Pairie, and Boyd  
Favorite Track: Cowtown  
Favorite Event:  
Accomplishments to Date:  I have a race car what an Accomplishment that was
Crew:  me have a crew no way
Special Thanks to:  My dad and Mom ,Ray and Abbie, Joel, Gary
How did you get involved in Racing: to be around my dad  
Hobbies or other interests:  woman lol and running my mouth lol
Most memorable moment in racing I forget im get too old lol