Name: Brad Westerman   
Hometown: Mesquite, Texas
Class: I-Stock
Car#: 11
BirthDate: 07/25/84
Occupation: Auction Worker
Children: Landyn
Chassis: homebuilt
Sponsors: FearlessGrafix, D&E racing, Dallas Towboys, SugarRaysBait&Beer
Years in Racing: 5   
Regular Tracks: GPS
Favorite Track: NTMS
Favorite Event: Halloween Classic @ NTMS
Accomplishments to Date: having lots of fun
Crew: Dad, Big, John, Collin, Chase
Special Thanks to: Debbie & Ernie Dixon, Mom& Dad, The McGary's, The Hansons
How did you get involved in Racing: Family
Hobbies or other interests: Fishing, Playing  Ps2 games
Most memorable moment in racing: Chasing  down the  points  leader at NTMS   when the rearend  broke