Name:  Branden Blaylock

Hometown: McAllen Texas

Class: Modified

Car#: 9

BirthDate: November 4 1984

Occupation: student at University of Texas


Children: none, until the law proves me wrong

Chassis: Hughes Racing Chassis

Sponsors: Diamond Back Transports, Central Ready Mix, Primos Painting, GVL Designs,

Driveline International, Glass Etc, Karios Racing Engines

Years in Racing: 7

Regular Tracks: Rio Grande Speedway, I-37 Speedway, Gator Speedway

Favorite Track: C.C. Speedway

Favorite Event: Race of Champions (cc speedway)

Accomplishments to Date: 2003 Modified Rookie of the Year

Crew: Kevin Karwedsky, Layden Walker, Lorie Medrano

Special Thanks to: Mom, Dad

How did you get involved in Racing: Dad and older brother's footsteps

Hobbies or other interests: playing drums, guitar, fishing

Most memorable moment in racing: First IMCA "A" Feature win at !-37 Speedway