Name: Brandon McElroy
Hometown: North Richland Hills
Class: JR.Mini
Car#: 3
BirthDate: 11-25-89
Occupation: Student
Spouse: None
Children: None
Chassis: B&B Fabrication
Sponsors: Kens Fire & Saftey, McElroy Trucking, Sterling Classic
Years in Racing: 2
Regular Tracks: Bellmead Speedway
Favorite Track: Cowtown Speedway
Favorite Event: Dont Have One
Accomplishments to Date: Winning 2 races
Crew: Tommy, Cheryl, Charlie, Dago, Brittany, Rusty
Special Thanks to: Dad, Mom, Papa, Dago 
How did you get involved in Racing: Watching my dad race
Hobbies or other interests: Soccer
Most memorable moment in racing: Leading the first race I ran in