Name: Brittany

Hometown:  Mansfeild
Class:  modified ( go-karts)
Car#:  18!!!!
BirthDate:  October 23,!
Occupation: being me (it's hard work!!)
Spouse:  i'm to young!
Children:  same as above!
Chassis:  it's a go-kart
Sponsors:  BH Fabacation
Years in Racing: this is my 4th
Regular Tracks:  Cowtown Speedway!
Favorite Track: COWTOWN ALL THE WAY!!
Favorite Event: Friday night racing!
Accomplishments to Date:  Purestock champ. over 11- 2004
Crew:  my daddy, ashley, cheyanne, and brandon!
Special Thanks to:  Brandon and my dad!
How did you get involved in Racing:  my bro's bb coach's kid raced so we      went and watched and loved it!!
Hobbies or other interests: soccer and handing out with friends
Most memorable moment in racing:  when i was called up to get the Mrs. Domatior awad and to collect my 6 foot tall trophy