Name: Bryce Jenkins
Hometown: Hobbs, New Mexico
Class: Street Stock
Car#: 2
Birthdate: 8-19-84
Occupation: Student
Children: none
Chassis: Qwik Race Cars
Sponsors: Dales Auto Paints, Jenkins Paint & Automotive, Jerrys Auto Salvage, Auld Sign Company
Years in racing: 2
Regular Tracks: Cardinal Motor Speedway Eunice, New Mexico ,  Lubbock Motor Speedway Lubbock, Texas
Favorite Track: Lubbock Motor Speedway
Favorite Event: Street Stock Fall Nationals at Lubbock Motor Speedway
Special Thanks: Mom, Dad, and my sister
How did you get involved in racing: Dad has raced for 20 years or so.
Hobbies or other interests: Softball, watching sports, working on cars
Most Memorable Moment: Winning first race a heat race at Cardinal Motor Speedway, and finishing in top 10 points in street stock class at Lubbock Motor Speedway my rookie year.