Name: Casey Jones
Hometown: Van Alstyne,TX    
Class: Jr.Mini Stocks
Car#: 32
BirthDate: 4-4-91
Occupation: Student
Spouse: n/a
Children: n/a
Chassis: 1978 Ford Pinto
Sponsors: Radio shack in Van Alstyne, Adams Automotive, Talents Garage, Butch Jones & Co. 
Years in Racing:2
Regular Tracks: Grayson County Speedway
Favorite Track: I-44
Favorite Event: Trophy Dash
Accomplishments to Date: Couple trophy's here and there
Crew: Butch Jones, Leston Dhane, Josh Halliburton ,Dale Young, Louis Yealock, Billy Moffet, Kenneth Griffith, C.L. Dhane

Special Thanks to: All My sponsors my crew, and my dad
How did you get involved in Racing: My dad runs a big racing team at GCS.
Hobbies or other interests: Football, Video Games, 
memorable moment in racing: None to the date