Name: Charles Brewer
Hometown: Winters, Tx
Class: I-Stock
Car#: 72
BirthDate: March 29, 1971 
Occupation: Machinest
Children: Amanda and Jennifer
Chassis: built it myself
Sponsors: Big John's Chassis, Coors Light, Bill Bullard, mom and dad
Years in Racing: 7
Regular Tracks: Abilene Speedway
Favorite Track: Boone Speedway
Favorite Event: Supernationals
Accomplishments to Date: 2 Track Championships, qualifying for the Southern Challenge and the Texas Nationals twice.
Crew: Dad
Special Thanks to: Dad, Mom and Bill Bullard, and my two daughters.
How did you get involved in Racing: I've always loved racing. I started out drag racing in high school. A couple of years after I graduated I started racing motocross for 5 years. I then made the switch to circle track racing, which I like the best.
Hobbies or other interests: just racing
Most memorable moment in racing: I don't really have just one. I've enjoyed lot's of great times at the track.