Name: Charlie Cross

Hometown: Granbury, Tx.

Class: I-Stock

Car #: 16

BirthDate: 7/23/56

Occupation: Owner Excavation Company

Spouse: Kathye Cross

Children: William,25, Howard 30, Christie 36. Roy sleeps

Chassis: Scorpion Racing Chassis

Sponsors: Charlie's Dirt Work, Performance Motors, Wise Cnty. Detailing Paint and Fabrication.

Yrs in Racing: 7yrs.

Regular Track : Cowtown 3yrs. in bombers 281 4yrs. I-Stock

Favorite Track: 281 Speedway, Cowtown also.

Favorite Event: Southern Challenge

Accomplishments to Date. (Bombers) Fall Hoosier Classic Boyd, Coca Cola Fall Classic Boyd Numerous feature wins Cowtown, Boyd, 281. (I-Stock) Numerous feature wins at 281Speedway.wins also at KMS, Winner of 2001 281 Stampede

Crew: Curtis Hill, Junior Hill, Eddie Hill,

Special Thanks: To Kathye Cross for letting me be a KID. Curtis Hill and family for all the work and hrs. James Hyde my Son in law for owning Performance Motors.

How did You get involved in racing: My oldest son ROY was wanting to get into racing Bombers and bought a car. We had it just about ready to go, and he was Murdered on New Yrs. Eve of 96-97. I finished his car and have raced for him since. Hope he is proud of what we have accomplished as I know it was his dream.

Hobbies or other Interests: Fishing, Hunting, Grandkids

Most Memorable Moment. Finishing 2nd. to My Son Howard during a Bomber Race at Cowtown.