Name: Charlie Harmon II
Hometown: Oak Point, TX.
Class: IMCA Modified
Car#: 199
BirthDate: 8/14/1980
Occupation: Drafter
Spouse: Kristin
Children: One on the way
Chassis: 2004 Destroyer and 2003 Dirt Works (Copy)
Sponsors: Ryon Drywall, Walsh Homes, and Mad-Gra Trucking
Years in Racing: 12
Regular Tracks: Boyd
Favorite Track: Kennedale
Favorite Event: Boyd Grand nationals
Accomplishments to Date: 6 Feature Wins in Modified, 2004 Boyd Grand
nationals Winner, 2004 2nd in points, 2003 5th in points, 2002 4th in
points, 2001 (First Year in Modified) 3rd in points. (All at Boyd)
Crew: My Dad
Special Thanks to: My Family for always being the for me and helping me 
How did you get involved in Racing: Always went and watched Joey 
Sonntag race at Thunderbird. He got me started in racing go-carts and it's been 
with me since.
Hobbies or other interests: Racing
Most memorable moment in racing: Winning 2004 Boyd Grand nationals 
Battling with Varian Sisson with most of my Family there watching.