Name: Charlie Norris
Hometown: Hillsboro, Tx
Class: SIMS and Street Stock
Car#: C-17
BirthDate: 7/17/67
Occupation: Truck Driver
Spouse: Julie Norris
Children: Heath, Alicia and Amanda
Chassis: SIMS-GRC, Street Stock-monte carlo
Sponsors: Hank and Jeanette Herring, Deal Motor Co
Years in Racing: 8
Regular Tracks: Waco-Bellmead, Heart of Texas
Favorite Track: Waco-Bellmead
Favorite Event: HOT Fall Classic
Accomplishments to Date: Pure Stock Championship (HOT) 1997, Street Stock Championship (Bellmead) 2003
Crew: Roy Norris, Mike Coker, Heath Norris
Special Thanks to: Mom and Dad and Hank and Jeanette
How did you get involved in Racing: In my blood
Hobbies or other interests: family
Most memorable moment in racing: winning pure stock championship