Name:  Chase Cooper
Hometown: Gulfport, Ms
Class: UMP Modified
Car#: 1
BirthDate: 4/2/87
Occupation: Student
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A
Chassis: Lightning
Sponsors: A.S.R, Southern Truck Parts, Sunbelt Chemicals, Prines Woodworks
Years in Racing: 6 go-karts, 2 Mods
Regular Tracks: South Ms Speedway
Favorite Track: All of them
Favorite Event: Young guns shootout
Accomplishments to Date: Several heat race wins, second in a few features, still looking for first win
Crew: Dad, Mom, Stan, JT, Uncle Danny
Special Thanks to: Dad & Mom for making this possible
How did you get involved in Racing: Grew up around it, Dad done it for years
Hobbies or other interests: 4-wheelers, and racing
Most memorable moment in racing: Fast Qualifier in the 1st annual Young Guns Shootout at Ogelthorpe Speedway