Name: Chaz Exum
Hometown: Balch Springs, Texas
Class: I.M.C.A Modified
BirthDate: 7/03/86
Occupation : Maintence at Brookhollow Rental
Chassis: Richard Mcgibboney '02, Smileys '00
Sponsors: Royal Custom Products Inc, Brookhollow Rental, C.E.M Motorsports
Years in Racing: 2
Regular Tracks: Thunderbird Speedway, Cowtown Speedway
Favorite Track: 85 Speedway
Favorite Event: Any out of town show
Accomplishments to Date: Finished 11th in ponts on rookie season, 4 heat wins, Highest finishing rookie in thunderbird points to date

Crew: Grandpa(Pops), Tuton, Dewayne, Bigg-E, James, Andrew
Special Thanks to: Grandpa, Mom & Dad, J.B Cook, Skip Wilson, Pit Crew, All sponsors and the fans in the stands
How did you get involved in Racing: Grandpa and I been watching Skip Wilson ever since I could walk.
Hobbies or other interests: Any kind of sports, Any Kind of Racing, Tinkering with old cars
Most memorable moment in racing: Battling rival and good friend Ronny Sigman for first heat race win of rookie season.   Backing the car into the wall first night at Grand Prairie Speedway and almost flipping over.