Name: Chris Bozwell
Hometown: Red Oak IA
Class: Street Stock
Car#: M53
BirthDate: 10/29/1977
Occupation: Mechanic
Spouse: Shauna
Children: Cole, Macy
Chassis: Thunder
Sponsors: Belt GM Center
Years in Racing:5
Regular Tracks: Adams County Speedway, Corning IA
Favorite Track: Bull Valley Speedway
Favorite Event: Feature
Accomplishments to Date: Not to many hopefully Have Many This Year:)
Crew: Jerod Weston, Doug Mertz ,Ron Ballenger
Special Thanks to: My Family for allowing me to Race
How did you get involved in Racing: I started racing when my cousin was 
killed his senior year in a traffic accident. His football number was 
53. Last year I lost a daughter. Her name was Madison Lee Bozwell. I'm 
changing my number to M53 this year out of memory of her.
Hobbies or other interests: Restoring Old Cars
Most memorable moment in racing: Leading the A Feature From Green to 
White just to get taken out with 2 corners to go.