Name: Cody Burkhart
Hometown:  Decatur, Tx
Class:  I-stock
Car#: 20B
BirthDate:  4/1/1984 
Occupation: student
Spouse:  none
Children: none
Chassis: homemade
Sponsors: Wes' Machines Shop, Jose Del Rio @ James Wood Motors, Michelle Foreman @ Mary Kay, Alan's Plumbing
Years in Racing: this is 2nd
Regular Tracks: Boyd and Ardmore
Favorite Track: Ardmore
Favorite Event:  still looking
Accomplishments to Date: too many damn seconds
Crew: Dad, Wes, Chance
Special Thanks to:  Mawmaw, Papa, Granny, Pops, Mike, Stacy
How did you get involved in Racing: dad always raced
Hobbies or other interests: hunting and golfing
Most memorable moment in racing: none worth saying yet