Name: Colby Smith   
Hometown: Greenville, TX
Class: Modified
Car#: o1
BirthDate: 9-22-80 
Occupation: Vinyl graphics and Sheetmetal Fabrication
Girlfriend: Kim 
Children: No Thanks
Chassis: Smiley's
Sponsors: The Shop Diesel Service, Innovative Designs
Years in Racing: 2
Regular Tracks: Super BLOW, Devils Bowl
Favorite Track: Devils Bowl
Favorite Event: Longhorn Roundup
Accomplishments to Date: 1 Feature win.... : (
Crew: Dad
Special Thanks to: Dad, Lanny, Big Al
How did you get involved in Racing: Dad raced for 15+ years...... Couldn't really help it!! : )
Hobbies or other interests: Online Racing, Southern All Stars
Most memorable moment in racing: First "good" finish of second place in my career, and I get bought on the same night. : (