Name: Dan Hanselman
Hometown: Algona Iowa
Class: 360 Modified
Car#: 98
BirthDate: 1/13/71
Occupation: Counterman at Napa
Spouse: Teri
Children: Taylor and William
Chassis: 2004 Weisicka (half Weiland half Pesicka)
Sponsors: McDonalds, Gisch Heavy Repair, Kemco Tires, Commercial Services, Dad's Belgian Waffles, Dave's Scrap Iron.
Years in Racing: 12
Regular Tracks: Algona, Fairmont, and Alta
Favorite Track: Alta
Favorite Event: USMTS Fall Jamboree
Accomplishments to Date: 97 Boone Supernational A-Main Winner, 3 track championships, 50 wins in hobby 1 in 360's
Crew: Dad and me
Special Thanks to: My dad and wife for their patience and contributions
How did you get involved in Racing: Dad wrenched on Jim Utt's sprinter in the 70's
Hobbies or other interests: Golf, softball, computers.
Most memorable moment in racing: Winning the Supernationals after qualifying out of the B.