Name: Daniel Payne
Hometown: Joshua, TX†††††††
Class: Bomber
Car#: 99
BirthDate: 1/12/68
Occupation: machinists
Spouse: Paige
Children: Courtney, Rachael, Reagan, Rylee
Chassis: Ritchie Schwartz jr. Chassis
Sponsors: Superior Leak and Line Locators, Star Automotive, ABís pick a part, B&B muffler and tire
Years in Racing: 3
Regular Tracks: Cowtown speedway, 281 Speedway, HOT, 85 Speedway, GPS
Favorite Track: CowtownSpeedway
Favorite Event: Topless 100
Accomplishments to Date: 2nd Place in 2004 Track points
Crew: Gill Vaughn, Richard Payne, Chris Griggs, Trevor Lane, Mark Lane
Special Thanks to: All those who have supported me especially my wife Paige and my kids
How did you get involved in Racing: Help a friend with his I-Stock for 2 years and decided driving was for me
Hobbies or other interests: I have a masters in Shadetree technology at BYOB university.
Most memorable moment in racing: Winning my first feature my rookie season with my wife due with our 4th child due 3 days later.