Name: Danny Hebert


Hometown: Carencro Louisiana


Class: U.M.P/ I.M.C.A






Occupation: Natural gas mechanic


Spouse: Krista Hebert


Children: Madison & Ty Hebert


Chassis: Dirtworks


Sponsors: Specialty Automotive, Express Trucking, USA Driveline


Years in Racing:10


Regular Tracks: Thunder Valley, Batonrouge raceway


Favorite Track: Thunder Valley Speedway


Favorite Event:


Accomplishments to Date: Finished 7th in SUMA points in 2003


Crew: Krista Madison Ty


Special Thanks to:My dad mom and wife


How did you get involved in Racing: following in my dads footsteps


Hobbies or other interests: Hunting and drinking beer


Most memorable moment in racing: