Name: David Gailley
Hometown: Mesquite, Texas
Class: Super Sprints
Car#: 24
BirthDate: 1-12-58
Occupation: Owner Gailley Motorsports Custom Trailers
Spouse: Beth
Children: Jeff, Amy, Heather, Casey
Chassis: Eagle
Sponsors: Champion Waste, Stanley Investments, AppleBees
Years in Racing: 26
Regular Tracks: Devils Bowl
Favorite Track: Devils Bowl
Favorite Event: 4th of July special
Accomplishments to Date: Over 175 Feature wins in career, won a Feature in every car I have ever raced.
Crew: Wayne Priddy Crew Chief, John Merritt, Jeff Stroupe, Tommy Gailley
Special Thanks to: To my Wife for putting up with me and racing
How did you get involved in Racing: Dad raced Go Carts and let me drive when he retired, Hooked ever since.
Hobbies or other interests: Playing Golf and attending Nextel Races
Most memorable moment in racing: Won the Spring Nationals at Devils Bowl in a New Smiley's Modified that had never been on the track before.