Name-  David McKay
Hometown-  Van Alstyne, Texas
Class-  I.M.C.A. Modified
Car#-  24X
Birthdate-  1-10-76
Occupation- lead man making specialty windows
Children- Casey and Colby
Chassis- homemade CryBaby Chassis
Sponsors-  Real Deal Building Supply, Gene Geer Engineering and Surveyor, Wornhor Racing Engines, Broken Wheel Auto Salvage, Hamilton's Machine Shop, Butch's Garage and Dad and Mom
Years in Racing-  8 years
Regular Tracks-  Grayson County and Paris Motor Speedway
Favorite Track- Paris Motor Speedway
Favorite Event- Nationals in Boone and the Texas Nationals
Accomplishments to date-  5  I.M.C.A. Track Championships, 52 I.M.C.A Modified Feature wins(one just as sweet as the other)
Crew-  Butch McKay(the driving force who keeps everything together week after week)
Special Thanks To-  All the fans, especially the little kids who come by to chat or to sit in the car
How did you get started in racing-  Raced go-carts when I was 9 years old. Started going to Buffalo Park when I was young and met Eldon Dotson and wanted to be a racer like him. Finally talked my Dad into buying an old modified and went from there.
Hobbies or Other Interests- Hunting, Fishing, Throwing Horseshoes and Playing Pool
Most Memorable Moment in Racing- Leading 11 of the 12 laps in the Ron Efkamp Race of Champions at the Supernationals in Boone in 2000.(What a rush!!!!)