Name: Dennis Lege
Hometown: Haslet Tx.
Class: Modified
Car#:  9L
BirthDate: Houston
Occupation:  Auto body Manager
Spouse: Sherri
Children: Austin 12, Autumn 8 , Ashton 6   The triple A Gang
Chassis: Skyrocket
Sponsors:  KAM racing engines, Sprayedon Bedliners,,
Years in Racing: On and off for the past 20 yrs.
Regular Tracks: Cowtown
Favorite Track: Battle Ground Speedway  Old home track ,
Favorite Event: Miller Nationals
Accomplishments to Date: Lots of Stock car wins and Championship 91-94
Qualifying for the Miller Nats. 2003. Fasts time in HMS late model,
Crew: Shorty, Charles, Austin
Special Thanks to:  Christ for saving me, My wife and Children for
supporting me. Steve Turner, Tom & Connie, Phil Dixon, Brett  Vauble,  My Brothers 
Dave and Doug, Charles Rasor, and people that have gave advice and help along the way 
Like Troy Taylor, Henry Witt, Carl Large, Tony Dycus, Chuck Hart, Sean Jones 
And Many others Thanks
How did you get involved in Racing: Used to go to the race when I was 
10 or
12 at Navasota Won the bike race one nite and I was hooked, later at 20 
I raced a spectator race at Battleground Speedway in a friends Brand new
Formula Firebird and Won . The bug really got me then and I built a car.
Hobbies or other interests: Family, Hockey, Halo , Street Rods
Most memorable moment in racing:  Getting to race 5 Romco  LateModel