Name: Derek Neil

Hometown: Durango, Colorado

Class: Barnett Modifieds Car#: 99

BirthDate: June 12, 1983

Occupation: College Student- Excavation

Spouse: not yet

Children: no no no no

Chassis: Smiley's out of Texas

Sponsors: None this season yet

Years in Racing: 4

Regular Tracks:Aztec Speedway (Aztec New Mexico

Favorite Track: Aztec

Favorite Event:

Accomplishments to Date: Winning The Aztec Fiesta Days Show Last year! June 4, 2004

Crew: Ron Woods, Friends and other racers

Special Thanks to:

How did you get involved in Racing: I always knew I wanted to race, I just found a used mod chassis and put it together as I could afford.  I raced that chassis for 2years and purchased my first new chassis from belleville motorsports, then spitfire chassis, and finally the smiley's chassis.

Hobbies or other interests: I enjoy all kinds of high horsepower autosports.

Most memorable moment in racing: Every race is memorable- if its not you are not having fun...