Name: Don Cox
Hometown: Glasford, IL
Class: UMP Modified
Car#: 15c
BirthDate: 09/03/1962 
Occupation: Militairy
Spouse: None
Children: Justin, Jesse 
Chassis:  B.A.D. chASSis
Years in Racing: 5
Regular Tracks: Spoon River, Fairbury, Farmer City, Macomb, Peoria
Favorite Track: Farmer City and Fairbury
Favorite Event:
Accomplishments to Date: Won first heat in 2004, Highest finish in a feature, 2004... 2nd at Macomb
Crew: Justin Cox, Cody Brown
Special Thanks to: Phil Johns, Bill Anderson, and everyone else who has helped us get to where we are.
How did you get involved in Racing: Around racing since driver was a kid
Hobbies or other interests:
Most memorable moment in racing:  Winning Heat and Finishing 2nd at Macomb, IL