Name: Eddie Richardson   
Hometown: Jacksonville, Tx.
Class: Purestock going to Hot Stock this year
Car#: 9
BirthDate: September 10, 1963
Occupation: supervisor/ Carrier project coordinator
Spouse: Cheryl Richardson
Children: Amanda, Austin Richardson, Ashley, Leslie and Heather Little
Chassis: Monte Carlo
Sponsors: looking
Years in Racing: 3
Regular Tracks: Thunder Mountain, Speedarama
Favorite Track: Thunder Mountain
Favorite Event: racing
Accomplishments to Date: 2003 Pure Stock Champion at Thunder Mountain
Crew: Cheryl and friends
Special Thanks to: Cheryl and Qwik Race Cars
How did you get involved in Racing: Cheryl
Hobbies or other interests: spending time with family
Most memorable moment in racing: Leading the pack and spinning around in turn 2 and facing oncoming cars!!  Scarey...