Name: Frank Wright

Hometown: Burleson, Tx.

Class: Bombers

Car #: 2

Chassis: Fordman Chassis

Birthdate: 7/11/65

Occupation: Lawn Maintenance and Airline Services

Spouse: Deborah

Children: Justin (16)

Sponsors: Texas Star Racing, Terry's Tire and Wheels,

M & J Enterprises Custom Dry Wall, B & W Radiator

Service, Mild to Wild Customs, PM, Star Automotive 

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Years in Racing: 2 

Regular Track: Cowtown Speedway

Favorite Track: Cowtown Speedway

Favorite Event: Feb. Fast 50

Crew: Justin, Joe, Jerry B, David, and Shea.

Special Thanks: My Loving Wife, Justin, Joe, Jerry W,

the Bell Family, the Reynolds Family, the Crawford

family, Matt D,

and Allen M.

How did I get involved: Watching on tv and out at the


Hobbies and other interests: Doing things with the


Most memorable event in racing: Winning my first

feature race ever. It happened at Cowtown Speedway on

March 19, 2005.