Name: Gary Boggan

Hometown: Memphis,TN

Class: 4 cylinder Mini-Stock

Car#: 90

BirthDate: 8/6/1990

Occupation: Student/Driver/ help my dad being an automotive mechanic also.

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A (at least I hope not)

Chassis: Boggan Racing Chassis

Sponsors: NONE!!.....need as much help as possible!!

Years in Racing: 8

Regular Tracks: Memphis Motorsports Park (Millingon,TN) and Riverside Speedway (West Memphis, Ark.)

Favorite Track: Memphis Motorsports Park and to watch Riverside or Delta Bowl in Tunica, MS.

Favorite Event: Razorback Nationals or Ice Bowl

Accomplishments to Date: 2 time champion in karts....23 wins in a kart...and finished 6th at the Indoor Kart Nationals in Tunica, Ms in 2001.

Crew: Dad, Mom, Jeffrey (friend),Lauren (sister),Greg (brother),Marci (sister),Laney (niece),Haden (nephew), Keith(brother in law)

Special Thanks to: Dad, Mom, Chuck, Jeffrey, Brim, and Richard.

How did you get involved in Racing: Dad raced dirt bikes and we been around racing all our lives and dad also helped a guy that race go-karts and that how I got started.

Hobbies or other interests: PS2, computers, girls, football, and baseball.

Most memorable moment in racing: Beating Kevin Swindell in a 2 wide race for 15 laps. And winning both championships. Running 6th at Nationals and my first big car race started 14th and came up to 4th and spun out and finished 8th.