Name: Geoff Briggs
Hometown: Watkins, CO
Class:   Colorado Cruisers 
Car#: 8 (was #99 in 2004, changing to 8 ijn 2005)
BirthDate: 06/18/1980
Occupation: Student
Spouse: none
Children: My Olds Delta, 26 years old
Chassis: 1979 Olds Delta 88
Sponsors: Tim Kiefer Racing, Trackside Racing Collectibles, Lil' Foot Motorsports, Tim Kiefer Towing, Ainsworth Trailer Repair, BlackHole Motorsports, SlabRat Racing, Stewart Motorsports.
Years in Racing: 2005 will be my 2nd season
Regular Tracks: Rocky Mountain National Speedway and I-76 Speedway
Favorite Track: Rocky Mountain National Speedway
Favorite Event: Cruiser Boat Race
Accomplishments to Date: 2004-2005 I-76 Speedway Winter Series Cruiser Champion
Crew: Tim, Jacquie, and the rest of the Cruiser gang!
Special Thanks to: Tim Kiefer, Jacquie Bellas, Black Hole Motorsports, and everyone else who helps me!
How did you get involved in Racing: I followed dads racing in AZ, CA, and NV from 86-2000 and in 2004, Blackhole Motorsports gave me a car, so here I am!
Hobbies or other interests: Girls, Computers, Friends,
Most memorable moment in racing: 1)First time I ever went on the track....2)3rd place trophy on May 14th.....3)1st place at I-76 on 12-12-05.