Name: Glenn Farmer
Hometown: Tioga TX
Class: modified
Car#: 72
BirthDate: 8/1/58
Occupation: Quality Manager Peterbilt Motors
Spouse: Renee
Children: Jennifer,Niki,Mellisia,Jessicia
Chassis: Harris
Sponsors: Farmer Racing
Years in Racing: 30
Regular Tracks: Lake Country Speedway
Favorite Track: Devils Bowl,Lake Country
Favorite Event: TMS weekend

Accomplishments to Date: Three time track champion in Pro Stock.
Crew: James,Robert, Glenn Sr. James Allen, Don.
Special Thanks to: Mom and Dad
How did you get involved in Racing: Dad raced and promoted tracks.
Hobbies or other interests: Church,yard work,watching my kids play sports.
Most memorable moment in racing: Winning that first feature.