Name: James Potter   
Hometown: Pattonville, Tx
Class: I-Stock
Car#: 13
BirthDate: November 7,1967
Occupation: Self Employed Owner Tint Master Plus
Spouse: Mary
Children: Bethany (10) and Kayleigh (3)
Chassis: Bunch Racing
Sponsors: Tint Master Plus ( Others welcome lol)
Years in Racing: This will be my first
Regular Tracks: Paris Motor Speedway
Favorite Track: Paris Motor Speedway (so far)
Favorite Event: Red River Valley Shoot Out
Accomplishments to Date:
Crew: Crew Chief-Keith Mills,Kacy, Mary, Chris Vickers, Bethany, Kayleigh and many friends.
Special Thanks to: Jesse Freelen
How did you get involved in Racing: A good friend of mine (Jesse Freelen) started racing about 12 years ago have been a fan ever since, the last 2 months of the season last year I finally got the chance.
Hobbies or other interests: Hunting, racing R/C cars and now racing big cars.
Most memorable moment in racing: The first time I had ever driven my car I felt like I was just flying until every one passed me like I was sitting still. Then I realized this is a totally different perspective. Definitely not as easy as it looks from the stands.