Name: James Sisco Jr.
Hometown: Quinlan,Tx
Class: Bomber
BirthDate: 11-30-88
Occupation: Whatever gets me to the track and student.
Spouse: The number 8 bomber I donít need a wife to take my money.
Children: 0
Chassis: Sanderson Shade Tree
Sponsors:  Ctbx trucking Aunt Sheryl, Eric, Grandmal and Grandpal
Years in Racing: 3
Regular Tracks: Greenville
Favorite Track: Paris
Favorite Event: Any end of the year big race.
Accomplishments to Date: Second in a junior mini feature.
Crew: Terry, Eric, Bobby, Tim, Miachel, Big T
Special Thanks to
: Eric Sanderson and John Smith
How did you get involved in Racing: My friend had a car and let me drive it and i was hooked from turn one.
Hobbies or other interests:  Racing and racing.
Most memorable moment in racing:  When I went to Paris and was running with the track champion till the motor let go.