Name: Jason Christopher
Hometown: Terrell, Tx
Class: IMCA Stock Car
Car#: 217
BirthDate: 12/17/1979
Occupation: IT Specialist
Spouse: None
Children: None
Chassis: Scorpion Racing Chassis
Sponsors: Scorpion Racing Chassis, Miller Racing, Buster Paint and 
Jeanie's Used Parts, Johnson Cylinder Heads, Dollar $igns Race Car 
Years in Racing: Starting my 4th
Regular Tracks: Rosebowl Speedway
Favorite Track: Thunder Mountain Speedway
Favorite Event: IMCA Super Nationals
Accomplishments to Date:
Crew: The one and only Kelley!
Special Thanks to: Kelley, Jay, Lori, Richard M., Ronnie S., Richard 
Ronnie C., Dink, Mom & Preston
How did you get involved in Racing: Dad had race cars since before I 
born. My brother raced and then started building Chassis. So I had him
build me one.
Hobbies or other interests: Golf, Baseball, Basketball, and Football
Most memorable moment in racing: Winning my first ever heat race I was