Name:  Jay Edmonds

Hometown:  Mesquite

Class:  Street Stock

Car #  99

Birthdate:  6-15-74

Occupation:  City employed

Spouse:  Jennifer

Children:  Jacob, Julie, Joanna, Jodie

Chassis: Riguerre

Sponsors: IT OUT

Years racing: 1

Reg tracks:  Thunderbird

Favorite track:  Cowtown

Favorite event:  Opening Night-any track

Accomplishments:   2nd place finish in feature at T-Bird,  9th at Texas Stampede-GPS

Crew:  Dad, Billy, Charles, Torrey, and Johnny

Special Thanks to:  G. Price and Skip Luther

How did you get involved in racing:  Dad raced for over 20 years

Hobbies, other interests:  kids, kids, kids

Most memorable moment in racing:  Led half the feature, and wound up 2nd.