Name: Jay Schmidt
Hometown: Tama Iowa
Class: Stock Car
Car#: 19J
BirthDate: 10/26/77
Occupation: NAPA Manager
Spouse: Tiff
Children: Logan
Chassis: Larson
Sponsors: Larson Racing, J&V Auto Parts, Meskwaki Bigo and Casino, Lori 
and Larry fowler, Main Street Bar and Grill, Simon Construction, Mike 
Kriegel Trucking, MV Motors, Zhorne Farms and more that I a sure I missed
Years in Racing: 8 years. Started in cruser car then to Hobby for 3 
years now Stock, in my 4th year.
Regular Tracks: Boone and Marshalltown
Favorite Track: Boone
Favorite Event: Nationals of course.
Accomplishments to Date: Winning opening night at Boone in 2004, Best 
appering car at Boone in 2004, Sportsmanship Award at Marshalltown in 
2003, always comming from the back of the pack at Nationals then getting 
Crew: Dad, Mom, Tiff, Losh, Kurt, Bug, Fisher, Matt, Nik oh and Lug( Logan) and more.
Special Thanks to: All my sponsors and my help
How did you get involved in Racing: By helping Damon Murty work on his 
car, figured I needed one too.
Hobbies or other interests: Nothing, just racing and playing with my son.
Most memorable moment in racing: Landing on my top at Nationals in 2004 
then comming back the next night from dead last to 2nd to qualify for