Name: Jeff Joldersma
Hometown: Mc Clelland, Iowa
Class:  IMCA stock car
Car#:  66
Occupation:  Union sheetmetal worker
Spouse:  Mary
Children: Jarett 
Chassis:  Nova home built by myself. J&J Chassis
Sponsors: 0
Years in Racing: started 1993 100 lap enduro, won first race, first start in a randomly drawn track provided car.
Regular Tracks:  Any within 4 hours having SPECIALS
Favorite Track:  Junction Motor Speedway,  Crawford County Speedway
Favorite Event:
Accomplishments to Date:
1993 Spokane Raceway Park, WA. (SRP)100 lap enduro winner
1994 SRP Hobby stock 5th pts. 7 main wins. Raced partial season.
1996 SRP Hobby stock  raced a couple of races.
1998 SRP 5th pts Street Stock. And set a new track record 20.43. Raced partial season.
1998 Stateline Speedway, Idaho. Raced a few times in  both street and  sportsman.
** DIRT ***1998 Liberty $5000 to win dirt race, Northport WA, 3rd fastest qualifier, swapping lead when taken out by local lapped car. Only paved car there!!!!
1999 SRP Sportsman Champion. And set a new track record 19.83. Raced partial season.
1999 SRP Late Model 5th in pts.
1999 State Line Sportsman 3rd in pts & track record 14.57. Raced  partial season.
2000 SRP 2nd in pts Sportsman. And set a new track record 19.26. Raced  partial season, won more than half the seasons races.
2000 State Line 5th pts Sportsman. Only raced a few races.
2000 SRP Late Model, 7th in pts.
2001 SRP 2nd pts Sportsman. And set a new  track record 19.175 won more than half the seasons races. Raced partial season.
2001 SRP late model 13th pts. Raced partial season.
2002 SRP  Late Model 15th pts. Only raced partial season.
2002 State Line Late Model race finished 2nd.
2004 Moved to Iowa, built a IMCA dirt track stock car.   Raced 13 times lead a lot of laps, only raced dirt one other time ever, built this car completely from the ground and straight pipe, so I needed to figure a few things out... Dominant at last race ran, a 1500 to win IMCA special with several of the top in the National pts standings present I was  leading until 2 to go and getting a flat, second day of the special, started 16th got to 7th in 4 laps and motor broke.
I have won in every class, built every car Iíve ever driven, painted all my cars, built all my motors and help anyone I can to improve their racing programs.
Crew: 0
Special Thanks to: My wife for putting up with all the hours in the shop!
How did you get involved in Racing: I paid 125 to enter a enduro where the track provided the cars.
Hobbies or other interests: Fishing with my son, and anytime I can spend with my family.
Most memorable moment in racing: My most memorable moment so far has to be traveling to a special event at Yakima Speedway in Washington, and taking 3 laps on a very flat half mile paved track and coming in and telling my crew, there was no way I could drive this track with other cars it was too darn flat. I went back out and practiced a couple more laps. Turns out I was fast, very fast and didnt know it. I qualified 3rd fastest after driving off and back on the track on the backstretch and wont the trophy dash in front of 3 local track past champions. I was interviewed for the first time ever and they asked me what it was like with all those champs behind me, I told them It was no big deal as I was a champion at my track also and I just smoked them in their yard!!