Name: Jeremy Hendrix
Hometown: Robinson, TX
Class: Cruiser
Car#: 18
BirthDate: October 13, 1978
Occupation: Traffic Analyst
Spouse: Kacie
Children: Kylee
Sponsors: Ken Hendrix Building Design, Terry’s Lawn Service, Tire & Wheel Depot, Chaos Custom Trailers
Years in Racing: 1
Regular Tracks: HOT
Favorite Track: HOT
Favorite Event: Every Friday Night
Accomplishments to Date: 9th place in final points
Crew: Ken Hendrix, Russell Carter
Special Thanks to: Kacie Hendrix, Ken & Debbie Hendrix, WH & Marsha Terry
How did you get involved in Racing: Hot lapped a car and was hooked
Hobbies or other interests: Hunting
Most memorable moment in racing: First night in a race car.