Name:  Jeremy Tibben 
Hometown:  Stanton, IA
Class: Modifieds
Car#:  7
BirthDate:  01/02/1977
Occupation:  New Account Resolution
Spouse:  Amy Tibben
Children:  Kami, Kywin
Chassis: 2005 Skyrocket
Sponsors: Superbowl Bar & Grill, Atlantic, IA,, Movie Memories, Harry’s Auto, Wyman Motorsports, Northland Oil,
Years in Racing:  3 Karts, 5 Modifieds
Regular Tracks: Adams County Speedway
Favorite Track: Boone, IA
Accomplishments to date:  Finished 3rd in points in the inaugural season for the WDRL modifieds in my 3rd year on the track.
Favorite Event:  Speedweeks, at Volusia, Florida
Crew: Rick Tibben, Roger Tibben, Jud Requist,
Special Thanks to: Amy, Tami, Sue, Grandpa Tibben and everyone else I am forgetting.
How did you get involved in Racing:  It’s a family affair!
Hobbies or other interests: Hunting, fishing, paintball, etc.
Most memorable moment in racing:  I had a streak of 7 heat race wins in a row in 2003.  I’ve had some other good finishes in features, but our heat races can be as tough as features at a lot of tracks.  Finishing third at Volusia, Fl during speedweeks was probably the next best.