Name: Jeromy Christensen
Hometown: Greenfield, Iowa
Class: 4 cylinder (FWD)
Car#: 25
BirthDate: 12-10-1977
Occupation: Shipping
Spouse: Peg
Children: Abby
Chassis: SCS Fabricating
Sponsors: Adair County Farm Bureau Insurance ( Agent Connie Hohertz ), Frederick Family Video, McGinnis Farms, CASE IH, Burger Plumbing & Heating, W.A.L. Portable Welding, Diamond S Horses.
Years in Racing: 7
Regular Tracks: Boone Speedway, Boone Iowa.  Stuart Speedway, Stuart Iowa
Favorite Track: Boone Speedway, Boone Iowa
Favorite Event: IMCA Supernationals
Accomplishments to Date: 27 Feature Wins.  2003 Boone Speedway Champion.  2003 Avoca Speedway Champion.  2004 Ron Little Memorial Feature Winner.  2004 Stuart Speedway Champion. ( 2nd in points at Boone Speedway in 2004 ).  21st in the Valvoline Cup standings in 2003.  17th place in 2004.
Crew: Matt Clayton.  Matt Fecher.  Dad
Special Thanks to: My wife and daughter first and foremost!  The supporters of Christensen Motorsports.  Scott Pickrell, Pat Mather, Matt Clayton, Matt Fecher, Cory, Forcht, Mom and Dad, Wayne and Ruth.
How did you get involved in Racing: Crew member Matt Fecher asked me to race in the cruiser class with him and the rest is history.  I ran a cruiser car until 2002 when I made the move up to the 4cylinder class where I am today.
Hobbies or other interests: Family.  Bowling, golf, reading about and watching racing!  PS2- Got to have something to do inside in the winter.
Most memorable moment in racing: Other than the first victory I would have to say the night I was leading the feature at Boone Speedway and blew my RF tire as I got into turn three.  I knew I was going off and thought I had it saved until dirt started flying into the car and I started rolling.  After 5-7 ( too many ) flips I came to rest on my top....the first thing I thought about was how am I going to get out!  That will be an experience I will never forget!