Name: Jesse Cramer
Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
Class: UMP Modified
Car#: 12t
BirthDate: April 1, 1982
Occupation:  Brick layer
Spouse: none
Children: none
Chassis: Lightning
Sponsors: Colortyme,, Bell's Exhaust, Monroe County Pizza Department, Big D's, Economy Fireplace, JB Masonry, RR Construction, Inc., Bloomington Powder Coating, Aftershock Graphics, and Byrdie's Engines

Years in Racing: 4years (mods) 10 years (karts)
Regular Tracks: Bloomington Speedway and Kamp Motor Speedway
Favorite Track: Gas City I69 Speedway
Favorite Event: Any race
Accomplishments to Date: 9 Feature wins
Crew: John Byrd Jr. and Kelby Waldrip
Special Thanks to: Mom
How did you get involved in Racing: Mom started it all with go-kart racing
Hobbies or other interests: none
Most memorable moment in racing: Winning $1200 to win at Brownstown Speedway.