Name: Jimmy Littlejohn
Hometown: Evaerman, Texas
Class: UMP Modified
Car#: 27J
BirthDate: 8-2-57
Occupation: Electrician
Spouse: Lori
Children: Michael, Nicholas, Angela
Chassis: KraftKar
Sponsors: R&C tools and Stuff, Henderson Framing, Tailor Made Counter 
Tops Inc., Stenson Racing Engines, Big Worm Motorsports clothing and 
Graphics, KraftKars
Years in Racing: 23
Regular Tracks: Cowtown Speedway
Favorite Track: Cowtown, Heart o Texas, Ardmore, Clinton motorsports 
park, (to many to list see below).
Favorite Event: Running the First race At TMS
Accomplishments to Date: Being able to go to big money shows and being 
competitive with others. Winning many championships.
Crew: Brett, Danny, Randy, Darrell, Wes, Pops.
Special Thanks to: Everyone that helped thru out my racing career.
How did you get involved in Racing: Demo derby
Hobbies or other interests: watching sports and working
Most memorable moment in racing: Winning the mid-season king of the 
hill and overall championship in 1987