Name: Johnnie Baptista
Hometown: Winton, California
Class: IMCA Modified
Car#: 33b
BirthDate: 1/18/69
Occupation: Utilities Supervisor
Spouse: Sandra
Children: 2 girls (8) & (2)
Chassis: Home built in '90
Sponsors: Super Shop Auto Repair, Golden Valley Engineering, San Benito Glass, Dr. Propes Dentistry, Kris Koonts Construction, Martinez Tire, Performance Parts of Nevada, Stone Motorsports, A&C Investments, Steitz Towing, "Whats Your Sign" Grafix  
Years in Racing: Mods - 14 years, Streeter - 1 year, total 15 years
Regular Tracks: Chowchilla, Watsonville, Kings, all in Ca.
Favorite Track: Kings
Favorite Event: Big show in Vegas
Accomplishments to Date: State Champ in '01, top ten in region a few times.
Crew: None
Special Thanks to: God, Pops, & Andy DiFalco 
How did you get involved in Racing: Dad raced and built the fast ones when I was a kid. I can not recall a time I did not dream of turning laps in the dirt.
Hobbies or other interests: I enjoy my free time with my daughters doing the Dad thing.
Most memorable moment in racing: First race ever, sitting on the front straight, waiting to be announced. That burnt into my brain. I went on to win the very first event I entered. A streeter heat at Watsonville in '89. That was pretty cool.