Name: Johnny Brown Jr. 
Hometown: Mauriceville Tx.
Class: UMP
BirthDate: 2-11-72
Occupation: Mechanic
Spouse: Paula
Children: Shelby and Angela
Chassis: Dirt Works
Sponsors: Gaus Motorsports (Owner), Foundation Drilling, Photo to go,  
R&S Package Store, Felix AAA Salvage, Coolzone A/C, and Southeasttexas 
Years in Racing: 13
Regular Tracks: Motorama and HRP
Favorite Track: 
Favorite Event: Miller Modified Nationals
Accomplishments to Date: 2004 UMP Points Champion Motorama Speedway
Crew: Gene Guidry, Bubba Arrington, and Mike Fitzgerald
Special Thanks to: Henry Gaus 
How did you get involved in Racing: Family Sport
Hobbies or other interests: NONE
Most memorable moment in racing: Seeing my girls after a race.