Name: Jordy Nelson
Hometown: Marysville, Kansas
Class: Modifieds

Occupation: Machinist
Spouse: Nikki (Fiance)
Children: None
Chassis: Skyrocket
Sponsors: Kansas Army National Guard, Hometown Lumber, C Blocker Realty, B & W Electric, Tony’s Machine, Orion Racing Graphics, Astro 3 Theatres, Mark’s Repair and Parts, Jayhawk BowlSuper WashSchroller Auto Parts, T & C Converter

Years in Racing:5
Regular Tracks: Beatrice Speedway, NE
Favorite Track: Boone Speedway,IA
Favorite Event: IMCA Supernationals
Accomplishments to Date: Qualified for 2004 IMCA Supernationals
Crew: Bob Wilkinson, Chris Jones, Nikki Latta, Dean Nelson
Special Thanks to: Family, Fans and Sponsors
How did you get involved in Racing: Watched for many years then built a factory stock and then moved on to the Modifieds
Hobbies or other interests: Racing, Bowling, partying etc
Most memorable moment in racing: qualifying for the 2004 Supernationals at Boone, IA