Name: Josh Landers             
Hometown: Princeton
Class:  Modified
Car#:  14x
BirthDate: 09/10/72
Occupation:  FAA  Inspector    
Spouse:  Loretta
Children:  4 Dillon, Dakota 10 (twins) DeLani 7 and Danielle 3
Chassis:  Dirt Works  
Sponsors:   Jims Auto Sales   TnT Cleaning (owners  James & Tammy Keel)
Years in Racing:  go karts from agt 4 to 15  and 15 to current dirt track  
Regular Tracks:  Greenville  & Cowtown  
Favorite Track:  Cowtown
Favorite Event:  Topless 100
Accomplishments to Date:  2 go cart championships,  2 street stock championships
Crew:  Dan
Special Thanks to:  Rooster & David Smith for giving me my 1st modified ride and especially my wife Loretta for putting up with so many late nights
How did you get involved in Racing: born into it
Hobbies or other interests:  coaching all the kids many many sports
Most memorable moment in racing:  winning the feature on my wedding night and winning the year end championship race at Greenville with my team mate Bobby Otts starting right beside me