Name :Joshua Caleb Moyer

Hometown: Pflugerville, Texas (born in Dallas, Texas)
Class: Mini Stock
Car #: 4

BirthDate: 9-11-80
Occupation: Fleet Manager

Spouse: Natalie Moyer

Children: 2yr old Cristian Moyer


Sponsors: Slider Racing, G.E., TFS (trailer fleet services)
Years in Racing: 2
Regular Tracks: Texas Thunder Speedway Killeen, Texas
Favorite Track: Grand Prairie Speedway
Favorite Event: Texas IMCA nationals
Accomplishments to Date: Going back to school and getting diploma.
Crew: Jeremiah Moyer

Special Thanks to: Slider for all he has done for me and racing!
How did you get involved in Racing: Family has been it in since I was born!
Hobbies or other interests: Watching Austin Ice Bats. and spending time with my family! 
Most memorable moment in racing:Started dead last(15) and finished 4th and my entire family was there to see me race for the first time.